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Universal Civil Ceremony

This is a non-customized ceremony with no guests, and must be within Henrico County. Think "Courthouse Wedding."


Free Consultation

Initital Meeting

Universal Ceremony

  • Meet with Rev. Ashley Rose to ask questions, get to know how she works with you as a couple, and decide if its the best fit for you!

  • (1) 20-minute Introductory Meeting

  • Getting to know your needs

  • This is a standardized and pre-scripted ceremony

  • You may select 1 Reading to be included

  • Selection is communicated through email

Day of Ceremony

  • Arrival for your ceremony 20-minutes before start time

  • Conduct Ceremony with chosen Readings

  • Remaining up to 20-minutes after end of ceremony for license signing/needed support

License Submission

  • License will be sent to the County Clerk

​Total: $275

Available Add-Ons

  • Pre-Marital Spiritual Guidance Session (60-minutes) $100

  • Vow-writing Assistance (30-minutes) $50

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