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Reclaiming Sacred Ceremony and the Healing of Our Spirit

Its Human Nature

We live in a culture where we do not honor rites of passage that mark change in our lives. Rituals give us the ability to bring intention to the process of living. They give us meaning. They bridge what was to what will be. They hallow that which is Sacred, as well as the transitions in life that may be difficult to face. They are literal passageways. And they let us feel whatever it is that needs to be felt with a deep honoring presence.


Whether it's a new beginning, an ending, or a transition, rituals connect and ground us, and support us as we journey through the cycles of life. 


Sometimes its a celebration, other times it's a way for us to grieve and let go. When we are going through a difficult transition, or entering a new stage of life, ritual is there. It reminds us that we are not alone, that we are supported and sustained, and that we are not separate from one another. We are all being faced with life's challenges and joys - we are all connected. 

Many of us are also ripe to revolutionize our lives through spiritual healing by coming into alignment with our truest nature and purpose. We do this through practices that increase our self-awareness, and through the embodiment of spiritual principles.

When we approach the events of our lives and our healing with intention, we create a space to know ourselves better. With this newfound awareness, we can begin to let go of the patterns and dramas that tether us. We can experience freedom from the past and create a continuously evolving version of ourself. 

If you're looking for a ceremony officiant, a spiritual guide, or healing support, I'd love to connect with you. Let's have a conversation.


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Areas of Expertise

Spiritual Guidance, Ceremony Celebrant, Creating Ritual, Healing through Bodywork, Intuitive Energy Work, Spatial Transformation, and Cultivating Spiritual Connectivity.
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In 2017, I was baptized in the the Atlantic ocean, off the Gulf Coast of Florida. I am not a religious person, and I was not raised with a faith tradition. My grandmother was Catholic and I attended Easter mass with Grammy Rose some years of my childhood. I would also attend Sunday mass with a friend occasionally after a Saturday night sleepover. One time I went through the communion line, as I was guided to follow people out of the pews. I proceeded to the front of the church with excitement and anticipation, uneasy but also excited to participate and be a part of something. When I opened my mouth to take Holy Communion, the priest asked me if I was baptized Catholic. When I said I was not, he scolded me. I was mortified and confused. Instead of being included and belonging, I was stewing in shame and humiliation. I was not more than 9 or 10 years old at the time. 

As an adolescent and teenager my fantastical desire for church turned into a conditioned resentment towards all organized religion. It wasn't until later on in my early 20's that my yearning for spirituality was reignited. I became a seeker and experienced many religions and spiritual paths directly.

I wanted to be baptized not for religious reasons, but because the essence of the ritual speaks to my heart. I believe we all have a direct connection to the Divine and took my baptism without an intermediary. It made me feel special, the way taking Eucharist hadn't as a child. It made me feel connected, the way rituals do. It was a new start, a declaration of my own intrinsic faith and birthright to experience this type of ritual for purification, renewal, and immersion into Spirit. It was not trivial, it held meaning. It set apart my everyday life from this more Sacred space that I entered into. With my intention alone and the witnessing of two friends, I was submersed into the ocean, leaving fearful thinking in the past and taking hold of my new spiritual identity, aligned and One with Spirit.

What followed was a continuously deepening path of spirituality and a call to ministry. My ministry today is to help us to remember who we are, to empower each of us individually and collectively to claim our Wholeness and inherent relationship with the Divine, to bring greater balance to the duality of the feminine and masculine, and to create spaces where we can learn, grow, heal, and practice our spirituality together. As a queer woman, I am committed to serving the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as any individuals or groups who have been systematically oppressed and othered, especially in the name of religion. I am also here is service to those who suffer with chronic illness, those who have been failed by our healthcare system, and anyone whose spirit yearns to feel Whole again.

Our greater healing is interdependent on our individual healing. Everyone of us holds the Divine spark in our hearts and we are all worthy of love and the healing of our Spirit.

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