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Your Officiant

Reverend Ashley Rose is an ordained Interfaith Minister serving the Spiritual & the Secular.


All faith traditions and non-faith identities are honored and ceremonies are crafted with a keen awareness of differing backgrounds, beliefs, values and traditions.


She seeks to get to know the heart of those she works with, and to reflect their essence with a spirit of Authenticity and Joy.


Wedding Packages

Customized marriage ceremonies for couples. 

Commitment ceremonies for individuals, couples, polycules, and lifetime platonic partners. 

Honoring and acknowledgement of Spiritual Partnerships. 

Conscious uncoupling and end of relationship ceremonies.


Vow-renewal ceremonies.

No matter your relationship constellation, or your unique set of values and beliefs,

I will guide you in creating a ceremony that honors your expression of Love. 

Why Interfaith?

What is interspirituality and why is it essential in today's global climate?


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All intersections of identity are honored and served.

Reverend Ashley Rose has a commitment to serving diverse communities and marginalized populations. Folx of different races, faiths, socio-economic backgrounds, abilities, genders, orientations, ages and body types are welcomed and affirmed. 

Here at Sacred Ceremonies, Access and Inclusivity are not just talked about, they are practiced....

Unions for the LGBTQT+ community (including alt identities and polyamorous folx), interfaith unions, and inter-racial unions that have been historically and systematically left out of the marriage construct are served with enthusiasm and pride. We all have a sovereign right to Love and be Loved and Rev. Ashley Rose will always officiate marriages/unions for anyone who wishes to authentically express their love and make a commitment, regardless of what access the law gives.

Balancing Rocks

Spiritual Guidance

Be guided into Greater knowing of your Inner Truth, Innate Wholeness and your own Source of Spiritual Connection and Nourishment.

And I saw the river 

over which every soul must pass 

to reach the Kingdom of Heaven

and the name of that river was suffering

And I saw the boat

which carries souls across the river

and the name of that boat was


Saint John of the Cross 

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Serving the Greater Richmond, Virginia Area  /  Tel. (804) 404-3998

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