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Healing and Spiritual Guidance

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Interspiritual Minister & Spiritual Guide

As an interspiritual minister and healing guide, I offer spiritual coaching services that provide spiritual guidance, spiritual healing, and the tools and skills to empower you on your healing journey. Through guided meditations, visualizations, and recognition of your divinity and higher self, I can help you to reconnect with your inner strength and create a life of balance, peace, and joy. 

I walk with you on your journey towards healing and cultivating a connection with the Sacred. 


We all have our own unique connection with the Divine. I support you as you cultivate this connection and arrive at your own answers.

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We all have an innate ability to Heal. We Heal when we recognize our own Inner Divinity and transcend a sense of separation. We Heal when we forgive. We Heal when are willing to change our thoughts and write a new narrative for our experience. 

While we all have the capacity for self-healing, finding mentors, guides and healing support is helpful in facilitating these experiences.

As a seasoned healing guide I offer Traditional Thai Bodywork, Embodied Practices, Intuitive Energy Healing and Healing Ceremonies to support you on your journey towards Wholeness.

Spiritual Guidance 

Spiritual guidance involves the application of practical tools that you can begin to implement right away. Some of these tools include:

  • Cultivating a personal spiritual practice

  • Guided meditation & meditative practice

  • Affirmative prayer

  • Visualization

  • Inner child/adolescent/teenager awareness

  • Energetic awareness & safeguarding

  • Spiritual-care & self-care

  • Community care

  • Soul retrieval

  • Victim/villain/hero triangle

  • Conscious thinking and neuroplasticity

Let’s Work Together

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