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"If frightening sensations are not given the time and attention they need to move through the body and resolve or dissolve, the individual will continue to be gripped by fear." Peter A. Levine


Thai Massage

"Jap Sen," translated to Nerve Touch, is a Thai Massage technique used to reverse chronic painful conditions. 

By rolling over the nerves we relieve tingling, numbness, and remove energetic blockages. New pathways for movement are thus created.

Thai Massage can bring you healing and relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, neck/back pain, knee/ankle pain, numbness/tingling of the extremities, spinal stenosis, disc issues, and any other chronic pain condition. 

It is also useful for moving through "stuckness" or blockage in your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. 

Many people report breaking through patterns that were holding them back and relief from conditions that were persistent for months and years. Our bodies store unresolved trauma and bodywork supports releasing it.

This modality is also helpful before or after surgeries. Many of my clients have avoided surgery all-together after receiving a series of sessions with me. Others have had significant healing after surgeries that did not go well.


Chi Nei Tsang 

Chi Nei Tsang is abdominal massage that works on unwinding the tissue of our internal organs. Just like the other soft tissues in our bodies, our organs get knotted up and we hold a tremendous amount of emotion in our "gut." 

Most people are very protective of this area, have never been touched here, and even have an aversion to having their bellies touched. 

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) offers healing for both physical issues such as GI conditions and reproductive health, as well as our emotional issues. 

People report having access to old memories, having emotional releases, moving through old patterns, and releasing unwanted behaviors related to developmental trauma during and after sessions. 

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