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Interspiritual Officiant & Spiritual Guide
Reverend Ashley Rose Blanchette

Ashley Rose is an Interfaith and Interspiritual Minister ordained by the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. She has served passionately in ministry and the healing arts for over a decade, helping others to Heal, Connect with Spirit, and recognize the Wholeness of who they are. 

She has a deep calling to support others on their journeys towards healing and cultivating a connection with the Sacred. What is Healing? Healing is when we recognize our own Inner Divinity and transcend a sense of separation by realizing our interconnectedness with all of Life. What is the Sacred? The Sacred is simply a connection with something greater than ourselves, however we may relate on our unique spiritual paths.

It is her intention to serve the authentic expression of the clients she works with to create ceremonies that speak to the heart and illuminate the Sacredness of Life Cycle Ceremonies. 

She joyfully works with clients weaving their personal stories into each ceremony to co-create something that is deeply resonate with folx from diverse backgrounds and belief systems. 

Why Interfaith
Why Interfaith?

What is interspirituality and why is it essential in today's global climate?


In a world where cross cultural integration is becoming increasingly more relevant, there is a need for officiants who are well versed in the teachings across many faith traditions.


As an Interfaith and Interspiritual Minister, Rev. Ashley Rose has both studied and led an active spiritual life of reverent practice in a myriad of faith traditions.


There is a common thread across these faiths, an essence of Love and Light that transcends dogma and doctrine. Interspirituality acknowledges the unique and special gifts of each diverse traditions, while recognizing that there are many valid expressions of the Divine.


Interspiritual ministers navigate these differences and commonalities, and hold the Truth of each person’s individual path to the Divine. There are many honorable paths that lead to the Ultimate Truth of our Sacred Unity.

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