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Ceremony and 
Ritual Services

So many of us are feeling a loss of connection to what is Sacred. Intentional ceremony and ritual mark the transitions in our lives, giving us meaning and bringing us into right relationship with each other and all of life.

We access the Sacred when we allow a connection with something greater than ourselves.

I create, facilitate, and revive ceremony and ritual in a way that honors and acknowledges the Sacredness of all of our life cycles. This includes wedding and commitment ceremonies, funerals and memorial services, rite of passages, coming of age ceremonies, transitions, beginnings, baby blessings, naming and re-naming ceremonies, de-coupling, healing ceremonies, endings, and seasonal change.

I weave your personal stories, beliefs, traditions and backgrounds into each ceremony until it deeply resonates with your authentic expression, and guides you through the portal that is before you. 


I also support you in creating your own personalized rituals for those times when you need to honor and acknowledge important passings, as well as everyday occurrences such as a meal blessing or an evening ritual. We can transform our everyday habits into daily rituals with our intention.

Booking Your Ceremony

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